Resource Management, HIV AIDS and Other Pandemics June – July 2009 Past Paper – KNEC Diploma

Resource Management, HIV AIDS and Other Pandemic Past Examination Question Paper – June – July 2009

This Past Paper examination was examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and it applies to the following courses:

  • Diploma in Social Work and Community Development – Module II

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Resource management, HIV/AIDS and other pandemics (JUNE/JULY 2009)


1. a) Explain four contributions of human resources in utilization of other resources (8 marks)
b) Discuss six ways of conserving forest in Kenya (12 marks)

2. a) i. Outline five sources of finances (5 marks)
ii. UYOMA WELFARE SOCIETY LTD has been experiencing problems on their financial management. Highlight five techniques they should administer to curb this (5 marks)
b) Explain five ways in which the government and development partners control resources utilization (10 marks)

3. a) Explain six factors to consider when formulating public procurement policies (12 marks)
b) Highlight four ways in which the warehousing function would contribute to the efficiency of the logistics system in an organisation (8 marks)

4. a) i. Discuss five responsibilities of an office manager (5 marks)
ii. Explain five limitations of partitioned offices (5 marks)
b) Highlight five merits of office automation (10 marks)


5. a) Discuss six effects of HIV/AIDS on business firms (12 marks)
b) Highlight four proposals that have been made to increase access to HIV medicines (8 marks)

6. a) i. Agnes wishes to conduct a research on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other pandemics Outline ten questions that she may include in her questionnaire (5 marks)
ii. State five most common AIDS symptoms in Kenya (5 marks)
b) Explain five factors that contribute to the youths (14-25) to become more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS (10 marks)

7. a) Explain four challenges of prevention of HIV/AIDS (8 marks)
b) Discuss six factors that contribute to men having many sexual partners (12 marks)

8. a) Outline five reasons for undertaking an HIV/AIDS test (10 marks)
b) Highlight five functions of the highly active anti-retroviral therapy (Haart) (10 marks)

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