Diploma Past Papers


You can now access College Diploma Past Papers for courses offered by Kenya National Examination Council – KNEC here. These are past papers in PDF form. Click on the course titles below to open

  1. Diploma in Accountancy Past Papers
  2. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Past Papers
  3. Diploma in Agriculture Past Paper
  4. Diploma in Architecture Past Papers
  5. Diploma in Art and Design
  6. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  7. Diploma in Banking and Finance Past Papers
  8. Diploma in Broadcast Journalism Past Papers
  9. Diploma in Building Technology
  10. Diploma in Business Administration Past Papers
  11. Diploma in Business Management Past Papers
  12. Diploma in Catering and Accommodation Management Past Papers
  13. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  14. Diploma in Clothing Technology
  15. Diploma in Co-operative Management Past Papers
  16. Diploma in Construction Plant Engineering
  17. Diploma in Dietetics Management Past Papers
  18. Diploma in Digital Journalism Past Papers
  19. Diploma in Disaster Management Past Papers
  20. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  21. Diploma In Entrepreneurial Agriculture
  22. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development Past Papers
  23. Diploma in Fashion and Design and Clothing Technology
  24. Diploma in Food and Beverage Management Past Papers
  25. Diploma in Food and Beverage Production, Sales and Service Management
  26. Diploma in Highway Engineering
  27. Diploma in Human Resource Management Past Papers
  28. Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT) Past Papers
  29. Diploma in Information Studies Past Papers
  30. Diploma in International Freight Management Past Papers
  31. Diploma in Investment Management Past Papers
  32. Diploma in Investment Past Papers
  33. Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  34. Diploma in Labour Studies Past Papers
  35. Diploma in Legal Secretarial Studies Past Papers
  36. Diploma in Management Past Papers
  37. Diploma in Maritime Transport Logistics Past Papers
  38. Diploma in Marketing Past Papers
  39. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  40. Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering
  41. Diploma in Personnel Management Past Papers
  42. Diploma in Petroleum Management Past Papers
  43. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
  44. Diploma in Print Journalism Past Papers
  45. Diploma in Project Management Past Papers
  46. Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  47. Diploma in Road Transport Management Past Papers
  48. Diploma in Sales and Marketing Past Papers
  49. Diploma in Secretarial Duties Past Papers
  50. Diploma in Secretarial Studies Past Papers
  51. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development Past Papers
  52. Diploma in Special needs Education Past Papers
  53. Diploma in Supplies Management Past Papers
  54. Diploma in Supply Chain Management Past Papers
  55. Diploma in Teacher Education (DTE) Past Papers
  56. Diploma in Tour Guiding Management Past Papers
  57. Diploma in Tourism Management Past Papers
  58. Diploma in Transport Management Past Papers
  59. Diploma in Welding and Fabrication

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  1. Please assist me with revision past papers for clothing technology and fashion design module 2

    1. Hello, help me with Diploma in Accountancy notes and Revision KNEC past papers.

  2. can I get past papers for diploma in environmental science and technology (module III)please?

    1. Hello, can I get knec past papers in diploma in Environmental science and technology

      1. Am looking for knec past papers in sales and marketing Diploma module 3 principles and practice of management

  3. can I get past papers for diploma in environmental science and technology please?

    1. Knec past papers at least for 10 years for diploma in electrical and electronic engineering module 1

  4. I need knec past papers and notes for Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering module 1

      1. I do request for KNEC past papers for Dietetics management and notes for Diet therapy 3

  5. kindly send me past papers for diploma in applied biology from 2010-2019 unit MPI (microbiology,parasitology,immunology)

  6. past papers of diploma in civil engineering and also notes
    past papers in automotive engineering

  7. Kindly i need french past papers for diploma in tourism management module 1/2 and 3

  8. please sent past papers of diploma in human resources management module 2

  9. please send me past papers for dip in community health and development if available module 1

  10. kindly help me with past papers for print ,broadcast and digital journalism 2018 module 1

  11. Kindly can you send me past papers in diploma mechanical engineering plant option. I only need past exams in plant electrical and instrumentation

    1. Kindly send me past papers for Diploma in General Agriculture….for the following subjects or unitsAnimal production,Crop Production/SoilScience,Extension/Economics and Engineering(TPUT & IMPP)

  12. i need all diploma past papers of electrical and electronic engineering.kindly please send them to my email,joshuavictor768@gmail.com

  13. Am looking for ICT past papers can you please send to me through my email address please if possible.

    1. I kindly request you to send me knec past papers for diploma in analytical chemistry module 1.

  14. i humbly request for knec past paper for diploma in mechanical engineering(production option)

        1. I did not see diploma in applied biology module 1 knec past papers,,,please send me via email in case they are available

          1. Kindly help.I’m in need of Applied Biology knec past papers for module 1.

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