Name and briefly explain five categories of civil law

Law of Contract: This is a branch of commercial law which deals with the rules governing contracts generally e.g. types of contracts, elements of a contract, terms vitiating factors, illegality, discharge remedies et.c.

Law of property: This branch of law deals with the jurisprudence of interest in land as well as proprietary transactions e.g. leases, mortgages charges, easements.

Law of succession: This is a branch of law concerned with the disposition of a deceased‟s property intestate and intestate succession.

Law of torts: This branch of law is concerned with the protection of personal and proprietary rights. Its core fields include principles of tort and the individual torts.

Law of trust: This is a branch of equity concerned with the rights and duties and other principles regarding the holding of property of one person by another.

Family law: This branch of law is concerned with the dynamics of the family as a social unit.

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