Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management Past Papers

  1. Training and development November 2018 Past Paper
  2. Employee Resourcing November 2018 Past Paper
  3. Employee Relations – July 2017 Past paper
  4. Employee Resourcing – July 2015 Past Paper
  5. Employee Resourcing – November 2016 Past Paper
  6. Fundamentals of human resource management – November 2011 Paper
  7. Personnel administration – July 2017 Past Paper
  8. Training and development – July 2016 Past Paper
  9. Training and development – November 2011 Past Paper
  10. Training and Development – November 2015 Past Paper



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  1. thanks admin the information was helpful.its playing crutial role in my revision and we request for more past papers for perfection of our revision.
    thanks in advance

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